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Join Dee & Shannon as they, through laughter, tears, kombucha and wine, travel through the sticky areas of truth-telling, authenticity and having the courage to always choose LOVE over FEAR.  In these messy and heart-centered conversations, Dee & Shannon will dig into the turmoil, frustrations, and potholes of relationships, career struggles, and the journey to find purpose. Each week they'll discuss and answer questions centered around being REAL, RAW, FULFILLED and HAPPY in the most positive + bad ass hour of your week.  Find out more at
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Sep 12, 2017

Join us and special guests/authors Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss as we discuss the BS in the workplace and how to navigate it from an employee and leadership perspective.  Managing in a place of fear causes failure, managing from a place of love (yes, even in the workplace) creates a thriving environment! 


Check out our authors/guest info:

B. S. Incorporated is a new book by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss, recommended for fans of The Office and Office Space. 


Funny, insightful, and heartfelt, B.S., Incorporated is a feel-good story about people finding themselves and coming into their own while simultaneously skewering every aspect of life in Corporate America. It’s a book that anyone in the business world will get a huge kick out of… After all, every job contains a certain amount of B.S.


Although it is a work of fiction, B.S. Incorporated draws from the authors’ real-life corporate experiences.  


“After yet another mind-numbing, daylong meeting about a project, we fled to a bar patio in the shadow of our company’s office building”, says Jennifer on the origin of the novel. “There, we drank to excess and swapped hilarious and heartbreaking tales about life in Corporate America. At that point we realized we had a story—actually, many stories—worth telling, and we pinky swore that after sobering up, we’d write a book about our experiences.”




Business Solutions, Inc. is in a state of chaos. While the employees spend their time rendezvousing in the stairwells, the CEOs are running their business into the ground through the use of shady consultants.  Will Evans, warehouse-worker-turned-white-collar-employee, is put in charge of implementing the consultants’ plans. Here he finds himself thrust into a muddle of absurdity and responsibility that he never expected.


When the plans push BSI to the brink of bankruptcy, Will teams up with Anna Reed, a corporate mercenary with heels as high as her ambition.  He needs her cunning and courage to pull off his covert plan to save the company.  Can Anna, the consummate job jumper, find a reason to go all-in on BSI? Or is she better off bailing and letting the company go down in flames?




“Anyone who has sat through a mind-numbing business meeting (and haven’t we all?) will laugh out loud." - St. Paul Pioneer Press


"B.S. Incorporated stands with some of the best business novels in its genre." - Midwest Book Review


"One rollicking, irreverent, 'I worked with these people' kind of read." - Business View North America Magazine


“Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss have written an incredibly engaging read that will have their readers laughing uproariously and turning the pages just as quickly as they can in order to find out what happens next.” - 5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite


"Funny as hell, with sharp observations and cunning insights. It reads like the best happy-hour story you've ever heard." – Matt Kramer, CEO, Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce


"One of the 10 Best Business Books of 2016 -- B.S., Incorporated offers a colonoscopy of the contemporary corporate world." - Wealth Management


About the Authors:


Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss have had the good fortune to work for and with companies that spanned industries and impact – from privately held start-ups to Fortune 50 powerhouses to, now, their own communications agency. Both authors live near Minneapolis where they work as speakers and consultants. They have a passion for storytelling and share their best stories during happy hour. B.S., Incorporated is their debut novel. 


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